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[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: of course!
Threadhopping with this character: Ask first?
Fourthwalling: All the damn time
Canon puncture: who would even know this? but also please don't, Eliot has enough to drink about already.
Offensive subjects: (elaborate, especially if something should be avoided)

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: grayromantic homosexual. One time he reportedly hooked up with his best friend/mean-girl-gal-pal Janet, but it was just the once and it was probably awful
Hugging this character: He's not really the hugging type unless he's drunk, in which case WATCH OUT.
Flirting with this character: oh LORD yes, he will either flirt right back or side-eye the hell out of your efforts. Either way, we're all entertained!
Giving this character a kiss: Eliot is awkward at kisses and can be self-conscious about it, so, ask first.
Something more intimate: Eliot is also fond of casual hookups, which I might be comfortable threading, or partially threading, eh it depends on the circumstances I guess? Just let's talk about it forever and ever and plan the heck out of it.
Relationships: This boy needs one, either romantic or a solid close friendship or something, because likely that will help get his life on track a little. 
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: Naaah. he's had some bad experiences with dubious consent and also doing kink in an unhealthy way, but at this point in his arc it is informed consent all the way. 
Fighting with this character: Well he does have a tendency to be mean and loud, so, you know, arguments are going to happen. If things get physical he'd rather use magic than resort to fisticuffs, but at this point in his life he's more likely to run away instead of triumphing gloriously.
Injuring this character: Talk to me about it, but yeah he can get scraped up and such.
Killing this character: no please!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: go right ahead, but be prepared for a mess


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